Friends Like Family!

Best friends are such a blessing, 

The only ones who stands with us without uttering.
They know how weird you are,
Still they come along, let it be far!

Though Toral’s jokes gave us CANCER
But thankGod Umeeksha was our SAVIOUR

What happened if Umeeksha is libra?
Bitch please! She’s not less than Kareena.

Don’t you guys try to mess up with her
Because her expressions are far better than a tiger.


Because It’s Dad’s 50th Birthday!

He is the man, who is king by heart

Cannot be tricked as he is very smart.
Friends and family are the first priority, 

No matter what, he’ll stand ! even if you’re 70.
His love for food is incredible,

Stay with him and you’ll never die of hunger.
Being a daughter  of him is a blessing, 

As for me, he is a perfect human being!

Can-Cer !

She Lost her hair and the breasts,

Yet, not stressed. 

Since there is a can in cancer, 

No one could stop her being a dancer.

Giving up is not an option, 

Just a path towards disruption. 

Soon she realised cancer is just an emotional disease, 

Which can be handled with ease.

She was lionhearted and so brave, 

Fought for herself, till the grave. 

Teachers day it was! 

You’re the person who always helps everyone to get the knowledge, 

Love, cause without you there’s no college. 
You’re the reason why we are here, 

We respect your presence as we are blessed to have you near. 
You are the friend, philosopher and guide, 

No, wait. You’re our pride. 
Vidyalankar chose you as you’re the best, 

But we adore you, as you’re the reason that we are able to create the nest. 
Trust us, Thank you will not be enough, 

Cause leaving you will be very tough. 


Humanity means mankind 
Which you can hardly find.

Try accepting the people as they are, 
But No! you have to critize them every hour.

Stop flaunting your humanity in the way of charity,

Instead listen to them and show some generosity.

Animals show their humanity at its best,
But why do humans always fail at this test.


Oh No, Marks!

Hey you, yes you ! 

Academics is nothing 

When you are good at entertaining.
If you have a good sense of humor 

It’s okay then to have a brain tumor.

Spontaneous reactions are the best ones

Because that is blessing hardly with anyone.
Some will appreciate while some will depreciate 

But don’t lose hope as there are no marks for making people laugh.
They said you are good at nothing 

But dude first you need to stop judging

Being a child of God, i know he will never create a waste.

Darling, you really need to change your taste.
All i know is 

Let’s  go with the flow.

Last but not least, 

 Everything happens for a reason 

Either it’s a blessing or a lesson!