Humanity means mankind 
Which you can hardly find.

Try accepting the people as they are, 
But No! you have to critize them every hour.

Stop flaunting your humanity in the way of charity,

Instead listen to them and show some generosity.

Animals show their humanity at its best,
But why do humans always fail at this test.


Oh No, Marks!

Hey you, yes you ! 

Academics is nothing 

When you are good at entertaining.
If you have a good sense of humor 

It’s okay then to have a brain tumor.

Spontaneous reactions are the best ones

Because that is blessing hardly with anyone.
Some will appreciate while some will depreciate 

But don’t lose hope as there are no marks for making people laugh.
They said you are good at nothing 

But dude first you need to stop judging

Being a child of God, i know he will never create a waste.

Darling, you really need to change your taste.
All i know is 

Let’s  go with the flow.

Last but not least, 

 Everything happens for a reason 

Either it’s a blessing or a lesson!

Everything’s Okay!

When you cannot take your own decisions, 

So you try doing that without permission.
Why only i have to be in such strict rules, 

When my friend’s parents are so supercool.
Yes i agree they did lot for us,

But why don’t you try to understand atleast once.
All they asked was “where did you go” and “what did you do”

But all i wanted to hear was “how are you”.
It is said that girls are the most pampered child of her father 

Then why always counsellor has  to pamper my father’s daughter.
All i want is to be in his arms 

As that is the only place where i can feel warm.

My First Writing!

I said HI and conversation began
Idk why but it began
It lasted for some days more than a week or something..
But the interest seemed diminishing in upcoming weeks..

Few days ago everything was so nice
We shared each other’s time
And then suddenly everything went black and white.
Now i was a stranger to him
And yes i guess i was the only one who was soo fantasized by him

Idk was it the country  or something
Or it was my fatness that killed everything.
Though i was too lazy to go to gym
And then i realised why should i be fucking thin.
Days passed and passed and even that “HI” didn’t last..
But her desperateness didn’t make her realise that karma is a bitch and she is on the list.

Though God was not so kind to her
But that sudden text made all the past memories blur.

Now she was ready to welcome him
But like always her excitement ruined everything.
Soon she realised expectation always hurts and that womanizer just used to flirt.